Running in Hard Times Can Lead to Unexpected Results

One of the beautiful things about being a newbie runner is that you can feel the changes a running program dramatically makes in your life. I have honestly had a trying week—so much so, that the old me would probably try to sleep away my stresses and sorrows.

Not only did I decide to run on a particularly hard day, but I made notable differences in my time and endurance! I can run for a minimum of 60 seconds at a time with not as much rest in between my running/walking intervals. While this may not sound like much to an experienced runner, I am giving myself well-deserved props for making such progress—just this past winter, I could barely run for 20 seconds at a time due to illnesses and injuries.

There’s a saying that running is a journey. Aside from the literal sense of running taking you places, I am enjoying the journey of progressing into a “real” runner even more.

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