Looking Ahead: Star Wars Rival Run Weekend 2020

RunDisney’s Star Wars Rival Run Weekend 2019 was my official plunge into racing. Last year, I did the 5K with my son and my brother as a way to test out whether I would really enjoy running over the long-term. While the race itself had some unexpected challenges (you can read all about them here), I was indeed hooked on racing and running more generally!

So it’s no surprise that as Star Wars fans (and fans of racing now), we just had to sign up for the next Rival Run Weekend. This time though, we are testing out the 10K. I don’t expect the race to be easy, as I’m still getting this whole running thing down. However, I do expect it to be a rewarding experience!

When is the Star Wars Rival Run Weekend 2020?

The Star Wars Rival Run Weekend is a little bit later in 2020, with the races taking place April 17-19. Last year we lucked out because the event took place over our spring break in early April. However, we checked all this in advance and will make it work!

How to Sign Up for the Star Wars Rival Run Weekend

Registration also opened earlier this year compared to the 2019 races–I suspect that the event planners may be expecting a larger turnout due to the upcoming release of The Rise of Skywalker at the end of this year.

We signed up for the 10K race last month. However, in checking the registration website today, I saw that there are still openings available for all races (5K, 10K, half marathon, and the Rival Run Challenge). I don’t expect this to be the case for long though, especially with the family-friendly 5K.

You can sign up for the Star Wars Rival Run race(s) of your choice here.


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