Donut Dash Labor Day 5K: Fun with Family

On Monday, I decided to try out the local Donut Dash Labor Day race. While my last official 5K race was done solo (Run Like a Mother), I got the whole family involved in this one! My son is already a runner, and my husband is thinking about getting started. As for me, I fall somewhere along the middle, where I am definitely running regularly but have a long way to go! This of course is the beauty of the 5K–as the most family-friendly race, you can walk, jog, or run full-speed.

There was a slight change of course for the actual race, which meant for some hills in the direct sun at the very end. (It seems like every race I have done so far has encountered some sort of alteration, haha!). By this point, I was pretty spent, my calves aching and my heart rate through the roof. In fact, I spent most of the race within my “peak” heart rate, which tells me that I was working hard, but that it was also a lot hotter than I expected.

In all, I finished slower than some of my “practice” runs, but I still beat my last race time by four minutes. I’m happy with my progress!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering about the “donut” part, there were indeed post-race donuts waiting at the end of the course!

Donut Dash 5K_2019_with donut

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